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Metals Guild hopes to bring a more tangible and interactive art experience to the CFCC student community, a goal achieved by enrichment opportunities outside the scope of the Metals classroom, and extending the metal working experience from the confines of the classroom to our local community. Metals Guild will encourage members to participate in fundraising and community outreach events such as demonstrations and hands on short workshops. These events will be empowering to its members and spread enthusiasm for craftsmanship, as well as bring an awareness to the art of metalsmithing to aspiring and active participants in the community.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Polymer Play Date!

Necklace by Cynthia Toops

Monday night the 23rd we'll have "Polymer Play Date" in the Metals studio from 5:30 until the guards kick us out. Bring some polymer clay, clay working tools (if you already have some). A mat to work on would be good too, but we'll use butcher paper or something if need be.

Bracelet by Pier Voulkos

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