Our Mission

Metals Guild hopes to bring a more tangible and interactive art experience to the CFCC student community, a goal achieved by enrichment opportunities outside the scope of the Metals classroom, and extending the metal working experience from the confines of the classroom to our local community. Metals Guild will encourage members to participate in fundraising and community outreach events such as demonstrations and hands on short workshops. These events will be empowering to its members and spread enthusiasm for craftsmanship, as well as bring an awareness to the art of metalsmithing to aspiring and active participants in the community.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pricing Your Work

These folks give some GREAT advice about pricing your jewelry or really any handmade artwork:
Junedesigns on Etsy. Anyone wanting to go into business selling what you make should read this Etsy article.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Go here and scroll down to see Keith LoBue's Aussie studio and watch hilarious out takes from his "Steeling Beauty" online class.  Made me want to take the class!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Materials Topis ECU's Metal Symposium

Early in 2013 ECU will host the 4th Material Topics: Making Marks. The metalsmithing symposium will take place on the campus of East Carolina University on January 18th-20th. This is a TREMENDOUS opportunity for metalsmiths in our area to mingle with the big guns!
Presenters are as follows:

Keith Lewis (keynote)
John Stewart Gordon
Alison Baxter
Christina Miller
Jim Cotter
Rachel Timmins

Jillian Moore
Loring Taoka
Kathryn Osgood
Carrie Longley
Gary Schott
Dianne Reilly and Joost During
Jennifer Wells
Autumn Brown

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New class in metals at CFCC, ART288! This is an independent study studio course. It's been offered many times here at CFCC, BUT the twist is that I, Ms. Manley, will be teaching this class in the Metals studio. My hope is that all metals students will sign up. It's a great opportunity for those who've had Metals 1 & 2 but just don't want to quit! This is a self directed class so you need to already have some ideas of four in depth projects that you would like to create during the semester year. I will be facilitating, but it is not a "learn metals" course. In other words I will not be teaching soldering or other metals techniques. You will work with skills you already have, honing them in the process. You may only take Studio288 once for credit toward your degree. Many other teachers have, and will, be offering the ART288 with potentially different focuses and experience. So discuss the course specifics with the teacher of your choice. Image if from The British Museum and is a French engraving form the late 1500's of "Etienne Delaune, Goldsmith's Workshop".
Inspiring image from Starryeyedcharlie.blogspot.com