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Metals Guild hopes to bring a more tangible and interactive art experience to the CFCC student community, a goal achieved by enrichment opportunities outside the scope of the Metals classroom, and extending the metal working experience from the confines of the classroom to our local community. Metals Guild will encourage members to participate in fundraising and community outreach events such as demonstrations and hands on short workshops. These events will be empowering to its members and spread enthusiasm for craftsmanship, as well as bring an awareness to the art of metalsmithing to aspiring and active participants in the community.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Carrot Box

If you're obsessed with rings then check out the Carrot Box COOL!
This ring is by "Drophius", Lorenzo Pepe is the designer behind Drophius. From his website: "Formentera (in Italy) has been his home since 1997. In 2000 he started making jewelery, whose style -- far removed from passing trends -- is based on a formal, graphic study of the harmonies found in nature, particularly sea organisms, their structures, textures and symmetries. In his pieces he seeks an elemental, primordial elegance that make them timeless."

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