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Metals Guild hopes to bring a more tangible and interactive art experience to the CFCC student community, a goal achieved by enrichment opportunities outside the scope of the Metals classroom, and extending the metal working experience from the confines of the classroom to our local community. Metals Guild will encourage members to participate in fundraising and community outreach events such as demonstrations and hands on short workshops. These events will be empowering to its members and spread enthusiasm for craftsmanship, as well as bring an awareness to the art of metalsmithing to aspiring and active participants in the community.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Fundraising! We'll have to do some, but I think this could be a multi-layered experience for everyone. As metalsmiths we produce tangible goods, that people can readily see value in. So we are at an advantage! We could have demonstrations in conjunction with sales of your work. I am picturing a fold forming demo where we drag the tree stump into the courtyard and we show fold forming for a couple of hours. Off to the side is a table with fold formed earrings for sale. the demo draws folks in and then they HAVE to buy some won't they! right? right? eh! whaddya think?
I have to find out specifically what's kosher with CFCC as far as fundraising and the propane torch too. Also, we will have to purchase copper from Craft American so we are not using class supplies. But a 12"x12" piece is $10 and would produce a fair number of earrings. Just a thought....
Any other ideas?

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